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New residency/collaborative project at MASS MoCA with composer/performers William Brittelle, Emily Wells, Daniel Wohl, Ian Chang, Hanna Benn, Topy Lyo, and Darian Thomas, presented by Infinite Palette, art directed by Andrea Hyde , produced/curated by Kate Nordstrum.

Meta Music with Wild Up


Played with LA contemporary classical ensemble Wild Up at the Soroya in LA! We played some awesome pieces by composer Ted Hearne, an amazing arrangement of Julius Eastman’s If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich, as well as Bjork, Messiaen, and more.


Scored three, amazing humanist portraits of people living in small town CO by The Roos Brothers. Here is the first titled Aaron.

Recording At Fox Studios

Back to California early from the Holidays to work with a 50 piece orchestra at the historic Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox for an amazing new :90 Nissan Titan commercial by directed by Mark Molloy.

Here's a pic from the session with incredible orchestrator Dana Niu and amazing  recording/mixing engineer Greg Hayes. Here we are seated in front of their awesome Neve 88 console!

This was an incredible group of musicians! The piece features a beautiful, minimal solo piano part played by the legendary Randy Kerber - who you may have heard playing piano on family favorites Star Wars, Titanic, Harry Potter and a lots of others.  

SFX Orchestra at dobly theater

Seth Olinsky Composer on Set.JPG

Working on set at the Dolby Theater (home to the Oscars) with the coreographer for a new composition I wrote for AT&T this week.  The piece is an orchestra of everyday sounds like delivery guys and zombies of course. More soon on this....

L I G H T N I N G 0 0 2 Announced

So excited to announce L I G H T N I N G 0 0 2 - a new batch of 5 incredible recordings by Pontiak, Algae & Tentacles, Chris Forsyth, American Culture, and Sam Amidon. 

You can preview them over at Tiny Mix Tapes //

Band Dialogue 1 // NC


Debut performance of new multi-band piece Band Dialogue happening at Hopscotch Festival this year!!!!

Hopscotch Tour Notes

First Cy Dune East Coast tour was so much fun. Inspired by a trip to the awesome Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC, I put together a band of some of my favorite NYC musicians – Andrew Barker and Greg Fox on Drums and Tim Dahl on Bass.

We started out in NYC playing a show with MEMs featuring Greg from Deerhoof. Then headed down the coast. Touching base with the awesome Richmond VA crew and then to Hopscotch. Of course heard amazing music there – Merzbow/Wolf Eyes/Daniel Bachman/Pissed Jeans/Charlemagne  Palestine – saw Kid Millions drum with Spiritualized, talked on a panel with Low and Matmos, and held a multi band happening.

Our trip back up north included an awesome show in Asheville at the amazing Apothecary Gallery with the brilliant Leverage Models (Shannon Fields new project), and ended up in NYC with a 40 drum performance in Greenpoint. There reconvening with the mighty Pontiak that played on both big pieces!

Thanks to all who played and helped and came out. More soon!!!

Band Dialogue 2 // ID

Olinsky-Band Dialogue

Super excited to announce that I am doing Band Dialogue 2 this weekend at Treefort Music Fest at Skatefort at Rhodes Skate Park (Treefort Music Fest). 10 bands set up stretched out across the Rhodes Skate Park in Boise.

This is a multi band composition/happening I started in 2013 that explores the sonics of many bands, stretched out across a space, playing simultaneously. Each version is adapted to the site and bands – the first performance was last year at Hopscotch Music Festival in NC.

Band Dialogue 2 will include – Pontiak / Delicate Steve / AU / Wooden Indian Burial Ground. / Inner Oceans / Art Fad / Sun Blood Stories / Twin Steps /Cy Dune/ and more……

Cy Dune // 14 Drums Echo Park Rising Festival

Cy Dune Drums at Origami Vinyl last night with drummers from:

Jefertiti’s Nile, Avi Buffalo, Hi Ho Silver Oh, Ohioan, Deathbomb Arc,  Foot Village, and more.

Thanks to all the drummers, Origami vinyl, and Echo Park Rising Fest.

Yellin' Video Premieres on Noisey / Vice

New video for Yellin’ premiered on Vice’s Noisey Site this week – Check it  <<<< H E R E >>>>>

” His squealing psych riffs smack with the immediacy of a water-balloon to the dome, while the clip’s montage of cathartic wreckage seems to say “It’s Friday, go break some shit.”

Thanks Vice

Cy Dune No Recognize EP released


The new Cy Dune ep is released and in the world!!

Available on 12″ vinyl that plays at 45rpm and digitally from all your fave digi vendors.

You can order vinyl and digital directly from us at Family Tree Records here:

Here are some quotes on the record from trusted bloggers round the world:::::

No Recognize is stuffed to the brim with primitivistic guitar stompers and gritty road tales perfect for helping you plan a weekend of adventure and debauchery. Or, like, it could probably make going to Home Depot and buying paint seem like the shit. Either way, we think you’ll enjoy this” – Noisey

For new project Cy Dune, Olinksy is louder and prouder, though certainly not “folk,” except in the sense that rock’n’roll was a dominant vernacular form of expression in the 20th century. “Make it loud / They can’t ignore us,” he sneers, demanding more and more, again and again, on new Cy Dune song “Move the Room.” – SPIN

Akron/Family have certainly flirted with righteous dosages of heaviness during the last decade. On “MBF”, for instance, they blasted through walls of Bastard-sized noise; on a 2005 split with Angels of Light, they teasingly crept toward stillness, only to catapult into blasts of distortion-and-volume damage. But none of that adequately presages “Where the Wild Things,” the glorious wrecking ball that leads No Recognize, the debut EP from frontman Seth Olinsky as Cy Dune.

These three intense minutes suggest Japanese freaks Fushitsusha playing pop-punk with equal-parts precision and madness. This is the most urgent missive to arrive from any member of the Family in years.” – Pitchfork

Some music has a certain intensity that brings out something animalistic in people. It’s a primal feeling; they want to dance –or just kind of move around. It’s music that energizes the spirit. Cy Dune‘s new EP, No Recognize is music that energizes the spirit– Surviving the Golden Age